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Door & Lock Safety for NYC & it's Suburbs

Your home is filled with doors, locks, and cylinders. Whether you are dealing with your your front door, an entry door, or a garage door proper maintenance becomes crucial to it's survival. It may bother you that you have cylinders, hinges, and hooks running through your head all day, but hey, what won't we do to keep our home in better condition. Let's not forget the tremendous safety benefits that come along with a healthy entry point into your homes. So here are some tips that will go a long way in maintaining the value and quality of your home while keeping your loved ones safer.

We have to make sure that we are using the right equipment for our homes: Locks in a Brownstoner in NYC will probably need to be different than locks in a Westchester town-house. Even in a very good neighborhood we would obviously recommend you get yourself good quality door and locks. However, in areas like Forest Hills, locks are broken into every day. These high traffic areas of NYC are notorious for key thefts and lock breaking.

In these high traffic areas we recommend you only use door keys that cannot be duplicated. No, we don't mean an electronic key card like we use at hotels, although those are great options and can never be duplicated, they are extremely expensive. We are referring to a special card that looks likes any credit card. It is nothing more than an identification card with some key copying coding information on it. This ID card is linked to a door key and a cylinder. This key can never be duplicated without this ID card. This ID card is only in the possession of the person who purchased the cylinder and the keys. In order to duplicate the key you need to go to an authorized key copying center with this card and make a copy. There is no other way to duplicate this key. This type of key is offered by the Mul-T-Lock brand and perhaps some others. I am a licensed Mul-T-Lock locksmith in Forest Hills and I can tell you that I have been selling these keys like hot caked lately. One of the reasons homeowner and home renters love this product so much is that they know the locksmith can't duplicate the key either. Let's face it, locksmith's in NYC do not have the best name in the world. Many of them would not be considered high class individuals. Many have asked the question, do locksmith's abide by "do not duplicate" laws that are written on lock packages. After all, today all you need is a little piece of putty that takes a molding of the key and you can make a duplicate. This can be done in a split second while the lock installation is taking place and you would never even notice it. This is why many NY area locksmith's will now open this "key card cylinder" package in front of the customer. The customer will then take the ID card and hide it away. Alternatively, you can buy the cylinder yourself at lock store, store away the ID card and then give it to your door lock contractor to install. However you decide to do it, once you know that you and only your have this special card you can be assured that nobody will ever be able to duplicate this key with putty, photos or any other theft technology. Investing in high end equipment for your home will secure your home like a fort. So for the locks with a fort effect visit your local Mul-T-Lock dealer today. We are Lock & Tech certified to perform all security operations from cameras, intercoms, CCTV and alarms. Learn more at: Lock And Tech USA 1619 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230 718-758-4959 http://www.lockandtech.com

Only deal with authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers as they are the only ones that can offer you state-of-the-art security for your home. Other locksmith contractors use generic brands that thieves can easily break into so buyer beware. We personally recommend to all our customers the Mul-T-Lock key and cylinder that can only be duplicated with a special key-card that only the owner of the cylinder possesses. You must bring this special card to an Newly Authorized Mul-T-Lock locksmith or dealer that is certified by Mul-T-Lock. Only they will be able to duplicate the key.